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    Podolski juggles with a seal.

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    A First Person Lens of Futebol in Brazil

    If you want to see the biggest tournament in any sport, go to the World Cup. If you really want to explore the country hosting the World Cup, visit it before the tournament kicks off. Davis Paul took his GoPro to Rio and São Paulo, explored favelas, went to legendary stadiums, and played barefoot with some of the Selecão’s next generation.

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    It seemed like a good idea at the time. Giovane Elber, 1998.

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    Twitter can be a really nasty place if you’re in the public eye, and especially if you’re a pro athlete. Have a bad game? An off day? You’ll get absolutely destroyed by fans online. How does one combat this?

    Face the criticism and prove the keyboard warriors wrong. Or, at least try to. Per…

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    The first true knitted fit. Innovation with ultimate flex. The adidas Samba Primeknit

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    It is poetry in motion…

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    Youth Project Arsenal Paper Kit

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